April 18, 2010
Links dump.

DIY Cleanroom
: How to make a basic cleanroom.
Garage Biology: Considering garage biology and detailing a garage biology lab in silicon valley.
Micro-brewing the Bioeconomy: Craft brewing as an example of distributed biological manufacturing.
Chat Roulette: Somewhat amusing chat roulette image. Oh the mighty advances of technology, eh? Bringing meaningful communication to the masses.

The Three Horsemen of the Global Depression: Positing the drivers of the current depression and postulating that the recovery is fragile and probably perceived rather than real.
The Collapse of Complex Business Models: Positing eventual collapse because of sophistication in the system which has led to inflexibility in responding to change.
The Financial Oligarchy Tax: Considering the costs imposed by the global financial oligarchy.
Technology, Human Development and the Social Energy Grid: Considering the necessary expansion of technology for the creation, storage and allocation of social energy.
Huckabee Rips Steele, Romney, LGBT Activists: Huckabee expresses his homophobia and infers that atheists live as if they have no moral groundings - making the false conflation of religion with morality.
Six Psychological Reasons Consumer Culture is Unsatisfying: Considers why purchasing goods can often be unsatisfying with reference to maximising and satisficing.

If There Were No God: Offering the perspective that the world is as it is because there is no God.
Trouble in Paradise: Giving a critique of Lisa Miller’s book, Heaven.
FML: Religious person tells their five year old son about God.
The Logic of Intelligent Design: Shown in a hypothetical debate where a scientist uses the logic of intelligent design to highlight its absurdities. Very funny.
Why Every Moral Person Must Take a Stand Against the Bible: Explains that the Bible makes claims which people base their decisions upon and negatively impact others with and that as such, as moral people, a stand against the Bible must be taken: “Agreeing to disagree is only an option for beliefs, NOT CLAIMS.”

How to Increase your Self-Control Without Really Trying: A study suggesting abstract thought can automatically and unconsciously bolster one’s self-control.
Boost Creativity: Psychological techniques to boost creativity.
Belief Biases: Biases in belief which can reduce pleasure.

Art Miscellany
Parkour: Generations: Parkour training camp. This is not a mistake. Parkour is an artform.
Night Moves, 2.19 A.M.: Insomnia-inspired piece of art.
So You Need a Typeface: Typography infographic.
The Sky Before Katrina Struck: Beautiful images of the sky prior to Katrina striking.

The Beer Mapping Project: Beer-related places near you.
Scotchka and The Room: The Best Bad Drinks for the Best Bad Movie: Drinks from and also how to get through the movie, The Room.

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