July 30, 2010
Links dump.

Nick Cave Rewrites The Crow, Cillian Murphy to Star?
In retrospect, The Crow wasn’t a great movie. The reason for its cult status is most likely the combination of its tone and style and the death of Brandon Lee. Nonetheless, it’ll be interesting to see what Nick Cave does with it, if it gets made.

No zero lower bound on words
Considering the importance of signalling in monetary policy, suggesting that it may be even more important than what is actually done with respect to interest rates (at least with the typically cautious movements of most central banks, I suspect) and criticising the vagueness of the Fed’s targeting signals.

Things you learn in high school
An interesting consideration of two different Chicago high schools after a visit. Worth considering what is said even if one doesn’t agree.

The left libertarian position stated amazingly well
It may be an extreme position to most, but it certainly has some merit, and again, the ideas are worth considering even if one doesn’t agree.

THE PUBLISHING DEATH SPIRAL — part one — The Cold Equations
An interesting look at how part of the supply chain functions in publishing today. Just note that it’s only part of the story.

Head shift: Why not look for more time to move rather than as little as possible?
Considering a different approach to fitness than is typically espoused.

The arrogance of the here and now
The unspoken assumption that we are more right than anybody else anywhere else at any other time.

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