March 27, 2010
Links dump.

God records a PSA: using God as a device to point out the logical fallacies of theistic apologists.
Papal Resignation Betting: Paddy Power are taking bets on the Pope resigning. At present, odds are 6/4. This amuses me.
Cyanide and Happiness: inspired by Jesus.
Lesson #579: Blasphemy: explains why using “Jesus Christ” as an epithet is not blasphemy.
Doonesbury: exploring resistant pathogen strains and Creationism in a very witty manner.
The “issue” of gay marriage: nice quote.
Is God a delusion?: Law’s notes on his debate with Tzortis.
The Psychology of Biblicism: Robert M. Price takes a critical look at Biblicism.
Overcompensating: Yeast Infection.

Social Commentary:
Exposed: Green consumers dirty little secrets: New research suggests that those who make “green” purchases are subsequently more likely to behave selfishly, cheat and steal.
Electric Cars Harm Environment - Report: the dirty little secret is out, it seems. The so-called “green cars” are on the whole a myth to get you to part with your money. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being kind to the planet. I don’t even own a car, I recycle, I compost, etc. Nonetheless, shit’s got to do what it says, or else it’s no solution.
The most dangerous drug isn’t meow meow. It isn’t even alcohol …: Charlie Brooker argues that newspapers, or in reality, the media are a larger threat to a nation’s mental wellbeing.

Japanese politics: Self-immolation thwarted: Yukio Ubukata criticises the dangerous concentration of power and money in the hands of his boss, Ichiro Ozawa, and survives, for now.
Defense expenditure in the USA: exploring what would happen for just one year if the USA spent the money it does on defense on infrastructure instead.
Social Security to See Payout exceed Pay-In This Year: The government-funded Ponzi scheme that is social security may have reached a tipping point, unless Congress “strengthens” its finances. By this, I hope that what they mean is they get rid of it. (I’m not saying something shouldn’t be instituted in its place.) If it is illegal in the market because it inevitably rips people off, as eventually the scheme can no longer be expanded, then it should not be considered alright for government to do it.
A court decision that reflects what type of country the U.S. is: Glenn Greenwald on Arar v. Ashcroft.

Copyright/Digital Rights:
F. Scott Fitzgerald Made $8,397 On Great Gatsby; His Daughter Gets $500,000 Per Year From It: raising questions about the length of, and provisions surrounding, copyright.
Digital economy bill to be pushed through parliament next month: the government capitulates to an out-of-touch and failing media industry and endeavours to push through a poorly thought out bill in an utterly disgusting fashion. Make them suffer with your votes, people, and if the next government fails you, change the system.

February 26, 2010
Links dump.
Religious Crackpot of the Month at Apathy Sketchpad.
Stephen Law’s weblog.
Tallis on the Chiropractor Association v. Singh lawsuit.
Krugman blogs on Obama.
"The Evil God Challenge".
"Varieties of relativism".
Jesus and Mo on faith.
Jesus and Mo on piety.
John Stewart clip on prayer.
Thomas Jefferson and the “Statute of Religious Freedom”.

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